ThinkRad is an independent programming studio, run by Allan Lavell and Connor Bell. We make '80s style games and '90s style apps, to satisfy the needs of both the nostalgic arcade lover and the modern iPhone haver.

SPACERACE is a 4-player, neon-soaked arcade classic. It has enjoyed beta previews at multiple events, including Bit Bazaar 2014, #IncomingFax and GDC. It has a built a reputation as being casually competitve - anyone can pick it up and learn to play, but the masters still have their foothold. If you want to showcase SpaceRace at your next party, drop us a line.
So, you want to be a Wizard? There's an app for that. GLITCHWIZARD provides a simple, powerful glitching interface for iDevices. It glitches out your images, alternately creating stills or animated gifs, which you can export directly to your favorite social network. It's never been easier to get into glitch art - check out for the lowdown.